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What is the best Pool Cue for a Woman to use?

My husband & I, play a lot of pool & I was wondering if any one could recommend a good pool cue for me to get. My husband plays with a Predator with a 314 shaft & he seems to really like it, i enjoy using it too. So now, Im interested in investing in a good pool cue for me now! :) Any one have any good suggestions?

Athena, Perfect for the Ladies!
Athena ... the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, justice and skill ... common attributes of all the best female pool players in the world. Created for women by women, Athena cues offer features suited specifically for the ladies.
* Slightly thinner 12.5mm shafts to promote a better bridge and smoother follow-through.
* Shorter standard length of 57" creates a more normal balance point.
* Custom cue extension adds almost a foot of length for those hard-to-reach shots.
* Pro tapered hard-rock maple shafts.
* Stainless-steel joints
* Irish linen wraps
* Ivorine III ferrules
* Quick-release butt caps to accommodate the free cue extension

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